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One Million Dollars – How we plan to join the millionaire club.

One Hundred Thousand Dollar Giveaway – How we plan to give away $100k

Why My Wife and I Combine Our Money – (This post only has four words, you have time for that, don’t ya?)

Bend in the Breeze – Budgeting won’t always add up perfectly every time and it doesn’t have to.

Why we post our monthly budget and net worth online – Yup, its true. We post it all!

The Valley of the Shadow of Debt – I hate your credit cards too.

I have deep rooted issues with Nutella – You are what you eat.

We have a problem and we don’t need to solve it – Managing our money vs. fixing our money.

Basic money management skills from Saturday Night Live – The most hilarious SNL skit ever. (Except for that one where Will Ferrell plays the devil with Garth Brooks.)

Articles there:

Monthly Money Challenge (Monthly Column – INK Kansas City / Kansas City Star)

Three Reasons to Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone – Good Men Project

A Wheat Field in Kansas: New Beginnings of the Mind – (Dan Miller)

Why I Quit My Job With No Plan For What Was Next – Kimanzi Constable

How to Tell if Combining Finances with Your Partner is a Bad Idea – TIME (

Love, Money and Shakespeare… – My 1/2 Dozen Daily

Money and Love Tips From a Blogging Couple – US News and World Report

3 Myths About The USA we Haven’t Seen in 3 Months of Traveling – Good Men Project

Boldly Living on a Budget – Kansas City Star newspaper feature

The Money Talk Every Couple Should Have – Dailyworth

How to Save for Big-Ticket Items – Society of Grown Ups

5 ways combining finances improves your love life – Living on The Cheap

Keeping Your Friends While Keeping Your Money – Society of Grown Ups

7 Financial Talks to Have With Your Partner – Business Insider

The Worst Day of My Life; The Story of a Terrible Fiance. – A Terrible Husband with Nick Pavlidis

Can’t afford a car payment? Buy a car instead! – Cash Car Convert with James Kinson

Give Divorce the Worst Chance Possible – Young Yet Wise

We Know How Much Money You Make. – Engaged Marriage with Dustin Riechmann

How to Handle Money in Your Marriage – All Groan Up with Paul Angone

25 Best Personal Finance Books for Your Summer Reading – Huffington Post

Summer Reading List: 23 Books to Read About Money – The Simple Dollar & Holly Johnson

Interviews and Podcast Appearances:

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Radical Personal Finance – Podcast interview with Joshua Sheats

The Read to Lead Podcast – podcast interview with Jeff Brown

Family Adventure Podcast – podcast interview with Erik Hemingway

You Leading You – podcast interview

Startup Dad Headquarters – podcast interview

Girl Gone Frugal – Podcast interview with Michelle from Shop My Closet

Money Plan SOS with Steve Stewart – podcast interview

Well Kept Wallet – podcast interview

His and Her Money – podcast interview

Confessions of a Terrible Husband – podcast interview

Listen Money Matters – podcast interview

Mark and Lauren Greutman – podcast interview

Stacking Benjimans – podcast interview

The Parentalist – podcast interview

Parentcast – podcast interview

Move by Purpose – podcast interview

Cash Car Convert – podcast interview

Family Matters First – podcast interview

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