Back to the Basics of Monthly Budgeting 038

Monthly Budget Married Couple Derek and Carrie

Our monthly budget changed our life, literally.

Our marriage is stronger in many ways because we manage our money together as a couple.

Check out this list, in bullet point format, that explains a few of the reasons we we think budgeting kick ass…

What a budget allows us to accomplish:

  • We survived on one income for two years and could have indefinitely because we stuck to our budget.
  • We established financial habits that will last a lifetime.
  • A budget allowed us to take responsibility for our financial success (and failures too!!).

What a budget means to us:

  • Its like a safety net that allows freedom within the proper parameters. (Healthy boundaries that we established for our lives)
  • Out of control feeling of fear turns into an organized feeling of amazing control.
  • Get to know each other better, improve our relationship. (Sexy time!)

Never move beyond the basics:

  • We’ve done a monthly budget almost every month for four years! (I think we’ve skipped it four times in four years.)
  • Working on and never moving beyond the basics is important for ongoing success.

Cash envelope system:

  • We are getting back to using the cash envelope system, starting now, we aren’t waiting until the first of the year to start, why wait?!
  • The habits we formed using the cash envelope system helped us so much in the beginning. We are returning to the basics and it feels great! We’ve gotten a little lazy and want to get fit again.

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie.

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