Bend in the breeze

It’s not going to add up and it doesn’t have to.

bend with the breeze

When you run the numbers each month, there might be missing money.

There might even be extra money that you can’t account for. Sweet!

There is sometimes an element of incompleteness within a personal monthly budget. There might be some “missing money.” For some, not being able to account for just five dollars can be frustrating.

Don’t let it get to you.

Be flexible and go with the flow.

It’s not going to add up perfectly every time and it doesn’t have to.¬†Your budget does not have to be perfect for it to be effective.

Math is supposed to be an exact science. There are no surprises or missing numbers in the world of math.

But when it comes to your budget, add an element of flexibility. You might find that the numbers play better together when they have some room to wiggle.

Don’t lose sight of the target if you miss the bullseye every now and then.

Tall buildings are built to bend with the breeze. They have to bend, or they will fall.

Don’t be too stiff.

Be flexible and give yourself room to wiggle.

Use the same Google Doc that Carrie and I use for our monthly budget.

  • Stephanie Collins

    Getting frustrated over $5 missing dollars (when it happens)? That is SO me. But I always just throw the missing or extra money in as “unallocatable” in my budget and (begrudgingly) move on.

    • Derek C. Olsen

      Stephanie –

      Exactly. I am the same way.

      But I have learned to let it go more often.

      It is helpful for me to remember what the higher-level goal of budgeting is. For us, the goal is to steward our money well, not to simply keep track of every cent. (You could keep really good track and still be doing everything wrong.)

      Developing healthy habits is also more important than tracking down the ever-missing five dollars.

      Thanks for your reply Stephanie!