Book Tour 2015 Ep.#50


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It’s true.

We are coming.

We are selling everything we own, buying a travel trailer and hitting the open road.

We want to see you, and your grandma.

See those red balloons? Those are (some of) the cities we will be passing through!

April – Oct 2015, dates and locations announced via email soon!

Drop your email in below the map and we will send you tour info as it comes.

All the info will also be posted here and on FacebookTwitter, and our podcast.

-Derek & Carrie

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One Bed One Bank Account

This tour is in support of our book One Bed, One Bank Account.

Available here.

Other books on finance obsess over adding and subtracting, but the most important asset has been overlooked:

How to have encouraging, worthwhile conversations about money.

One Bed, One Bank Account delivers hope to married and engaged couples by offering an enjoyable framework for improving financial communication.

Whether you’re just starting out, in the middle of a financial crisis, or doing well, this book delivers a surprising and encouraging truth:

Having better conversations on money will strengthen your marriage.

One Bed, One Bank Account will increase the rate of return in both your relationship and your bank account!Dan & Joanne Miller,

  • Steve MoneyPlanSOS Stewart

    The “metroplex” known as SURPRISE! Arizona is an hour’s drive northwest of Pheonix. The population was 30k strong in 2000 but has EXPLODED to more than 123k last year. SURPRISE!

    Can’t wait to see you in The STL!

    • Derek C. Olsen

      Dude! We will have to do something extra fun in STL!

      See you soon.

  • Guest

    Wow, good luck guys on your tour and I wish you much success! Nice map indeed! All your jobs can be done on the road between driving and book signing?

    • Derek C. Olsen

      We are able to work from the road.

      I sell the books and Carrie is a voice over actor.

      Basically our jobs are online. So it works out!

  • Jason Pockrandt

    Derek You have to share with me how you were able to set up your own book tour like this. Amazing.