Challenge Everything 52

Challenge Everything! derek and carrie better conversations on money and marriage podcast

At first glance it can appear like we are already doing pretty well.

But around here we aren’t aiming for pretty well.

We are aiming for amazing.

My boy J$ challenges everything and I invite you to join us.

Challenging everything means just that.

Just when you think you can’t lower you cell phone bill any lower, you challenge it anyway and find a way to save $5 or $80 a month.

Just when you think you can’t cut your living expense by 80%, you challenge it and move into a friends basement for 12 months and save thousands of dollars.

Don’t stop there.

Next thing you know you are cutting your own hair, growing your own food, riding a bike to work, and roasting your own coffee beans.

Keep challenging everything.

Food? Challenge it!

Insurance? Challenge it!

Breathing air? Challenge it!

Your job? Challenge it!

Drinking anything besides tap water? Challenge it! (How much would you save a month if you drank tap water only?)

Right below your nose.

Change doesn’t have to be difficult. Change doesn’t only occur in some unreachable distant space.

Many times the answer is right below your nose.

We overlook the simple answers that are so close in search of far off, complex answers.

Perhaps it’s laziness, perhaps its because we don’t want to change and coming up with excuses is just easier. Maybe it’s more simple than that, maybe we just don’t think about it.

Challenge everything, especially the things that don’t appear to be worth the time.

You just might surprise yourself.

What are you challenging?

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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Challenge Everything!

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