Conversation Starters 1 of 4

Money, Marriage, and having the money talk with your spouse.

Talking about money can be stressful. But it can be easier with a little help.

Carrie and I wrote a little e-book that will get the conversation started.

It’s called 4 1/2 Conversation Starters and it’s free.

Just drop your email in here and the ebook will be delivered to your inbox.

In this episode, we take a few of the questions from the ebook and answer them ourselves.

The first section of the book is titled Are We In This Together? These are a few of the questions from section one.

  1. Are you fully committed to supporting your partner in the finance department of your marriage? How are you showing your answer with actions?
  2. Bring up one thing that you appreciate about how your partner supports your efforts in the finance department.
  3. Name one thing that you could do better (more of a good thing, less of a bad thing) that would produce positive results for your money and marriage.
  4. How can you start to better support each other starting right now?

Join us for the rest of the series as we continue to explore the e-book in upcoming podcast episodes.

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