Dec Budget / Nov Recap 2014

Just a married couple sharing our monthly budget with the world.

We did pretty good in November, December is another story.

Here’s the numbers, explanation below.

 Dec Budget Nov recap
Income Total 4,800 5,396
Church giving 200 200
Giving 0 0
Gifts 220 0
Rent 950 950
Gas bill 70 33
Electric bill 40 36
Water bill 40 0
Google fiber 0 0
Amazon 40 0
Cell phone 200 116
Grocery 0 482
Restaurant 0 240
Cash withdrawal 750 0
Car tag / title / tax 350 0
Car gas / oil 300 363
Car (Geico) 602 0
Car repair 150 104
life insurance 80 57
Student loans 254 254
Taxes 0
Household 20 101
Health 25 192
Health Insurance 0
Medical 40 26
Baby 50 0
Cosmetics 0
Clothes 60 176
Entertainment 40 57
Vacation 50 110
Education 0 0
Anymeeting 18 18
Wifi Hotspot 20 20
Business 20 51
ID Guard 25 25
Unexpected 0
Unexpected 10
Unexpected 28
ATT Internet 43 43
Unexpected 143 40
TOTAL 4,800 3,732
Income – Spending 0 +1,664

The Good:

We came out $1,664 better than we thought we would in Nov. Always a good thing. Carrie got her last couple of paychecks from her job. (She quit in November to start working as a voice actor full time. There is still some part time consulting for her old job, but not a full time income by any means.)

The Struggle:

December is our first full month fully supporting ourselves financially as entrepreneurs. It’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time. (We talk about how we feel about it on our podcast.)

December also comes with a few large expenses. Six month car insurance bill, yearly car title tax, gifts, Christmas family pics and postcards. December just happens to be one of the most expensive months and it doesn’t help that it is our first month supporting ourselves fully with our businesses.

I suppose it’s good to start on a bad month, it could make the next few months afterwords feel easier.

The Future:

We have December covered and even January covered even with the money we have now. But the pressure is on. We HAVE TO produce enough income to make it month to month from now on. Carrie has been busy auditioning for voice work. She got one job on the 2nd so that’s a good sign. I think that as the month unfolds she will get enough work to cover everything.

We have a couple new income producers in the works that will be up by the end of the month.

1) We are producing two podcast episodes per week now instead of one. We opened a Patreon account for the podcast. Patreon allows listeners to support the show financially with a voluntary, on-going monthly contribution.

patreon 2

The podcast is obviously free and will remain free for everyone to enjoy. But we thought that providing our listeners with a way to support the show couldn’t hurt. Supporting the show is voluntary, please feel no pressure to contribute. One of my fears setting up the Patreon account is that people might feel pressured to support the show. I really don’t want anyone to feel that way. If you don’t want to support the show financially, please simply continue to listen and enjoy!

I have no idea how much we might earn a month, but I do know that anything helps. It’s crazy to think that some of you might actually want to support our podcast financially, crazy enough to be true! (Thanks in advance to anyone who signs up to support us!)

One Bed One Bank Account

2) We will have a pre-order up for our book by the end of this week. That’s right, our new book One Bed, One Bank Account is almost ready! You will be able to pre-order at a discounted price until the book is released officially on Amazon. (Release date TBD, Jan or Feb 2015 is my best guess.)

(Enjoy the typos and amazing grammar, I don’t have time for that crap!)

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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  • 1MansMoney Blog

    Congratulations on your new endeavors! I left my company in September to spend more time with my kids and find a new career. Change is exciting!

    • Derek C. Olsen

      Dude. Awesome.

      Keep us updated on how its going!


  • Lisa D. Sparks

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you do as full-time entrepreneurs. I need the inspiration as I am one myself. I’d love to see a budget that incorporates the fluctuations in income month-to-month. I imagine that’s coming as you move into this new stage in your lives. All the best to you!

    • Derek C. Olsen


      Carrie and I have had several conversations about how our budget might change due to having an irregular income.

      We have thought about paying ourselves a steady paycheck that is the same each month. Keeping the “overflow” of business profits in the business account.

      We thought of paying ourselves a minimum and then a “bonus” if we have a good month.

      And we have thought about using last months earnings as next months income. This way we would know how much we are earning and could budget from that amount.

      It’s going to be interesting and we will be blogging and podcasting about it for sure.

      How do you work your irregular income budget?


      • Lisa D. Sparks

        It varies. That’s why I could use guidance. I seem to do something different each month.

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