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In this weeks episode, Carrie and I explore an idea from our book One Bed, One Bank Account.

Having a default attitude of grace VS. expecting perfection from each other.

Expecting perfection from one another is like setting each other up for failure. We can’t possibly expect perfection from each other, life just doesn’t work like that.

When you expect perfection from your partner you are also setting yourself up for disappointment.

There has to be some kind of grace built into the relationship. Forgiveness can’t just be a ‘maybe’ somewhere off in the distance. Forgiveness needs to be at the forefront.

A little bit of flexibility with expectations for each other will help create a tighter relationship.

Because I know grace is built into our relationship, I know I’m okay and acceptable even when I mess up. I don’t have to worry about meeting any unrealistic expectations Carrie might have.

A default attitude of Grace means that Grace and forgiveness are at the forefront and not a last resort and only after you have punished the other person for weeks.

How do you keep grace and forgiveness built into your relationship?

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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  • Shannon

    “How do you keep grace and forgiveness built into your relationship?” Great podcast! Well it surely helps to have a spouse that really doesn’t do a lot of stupid stuff. LOL So, marry wisely first of all! Then when the occasional slip up happens it’s really not a big deal. Small peanuts.

    • Derek C. Olsen

      But what about the rest of us? haha! 😉