Drifting to Blah-Ville Ep. 021

drifting to blahville 2

Most people, businesses, ships, or marriages won’t accidentally drift to an awesome place. Getting somewhere great takes planning and intentionality.

Talking about money can be stressful. But it can be easier with a little help. Carrie and I wrote a little e-book that will get the conversation started.

It’s called 4 1/2 Conversation Starters and it’s free, amazing, and short enough to read on your lunch break. Just drop your email in here and the ebook will be delivered to your inbox.

In this episode, we take a few of the questions from the ebook and answer them ourselves.

The second section of the book is called Are We Drifting to Blahville? These are a few of the questions from section two.

  • What direction do you want to move in (emotionally AND financially) together as a couple?
  • Where are you now? What are the good and not so good reasons that brought you here?
  • What is the first step in the right direction? What can you start doing right now that will help move you in the right direction?

Join us for the rest of the series as we continue to explore the other sections of 4 1/2 Conversation Starters.

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