Fear is a Billion Dollar Industry 037

Invent a problem and then sell them the solution.

That statement is one of the most disappointing truths in our world. (At least for me it is.)

The idea that some marketing and advertising is fear based fiction makes me sick.

We are told we aren’t good enough, smart enough, safe enough, happy enough until you buy this thing!!

In this episode, Carrie and I explore a few common fear-based marketing campaigns and then attempt to crush them.

Join us…

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie.

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  • Heather Mentzer

    I never even thought about this or realized it was a thing until I went to one of those market research groups where they watch you from behind a mirror. I was pregnant with my son and the subject was a Pertussis vaccine and they basically asked us which ad was more likely to scare us into getting vaccinated. My whole TV watching life flashed before my eyes as I realized that I’d been brainwashed into being afraid of not buying things. Never again have I watched TV the same way. I think knowledge is power. Thank you for the thought provoking podcast topic.

    • http://www.derekandcarrie.com/ Derek C. Olsen

      Holy shit!

      That’s CRAZY.

      I don’t even know how to reply. Wow.