Financial Checkup 018

Money, marriage, and a financial checkup.

In addition to doing a monthly budget, a twice-yearly deeper look at your money can help keep things on the right track.

money check up

In this episode, we talk about the whys, hows, and whats of a financial check up.

  • Why do a financial checkup?
  • What is a financial checkup?
  • Specific suggestions for doing a checkup.
  • What are the positive results for your money and your marriage?

We mentioned our Google Doc monthly budget spreadsheet. (Hit ‘file’ then ‘make a copy’ and it’s all yours.) The Google Doc is GREAT for married couples because you can both have access to the spreadsheet, anytime, anywhere.

4 1/2 Conversation Starters, free e-book.

A perfect way to start the conversation on money in your marriage. Just in time for your mid-year money check up. Grab your copy right here, just enter your email below.

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Great job mom and dad! I give it a 9.0.
Great job mom and dad! I give it a 9.0.


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  • Heather Mentzer

    Yes! Tracking progress is so important! We started tracking progress in February 2015 and I am so surprised to find what a difference it makes hanging in there with the process. We’ve paid off so much debt in the last few years but, haven’t been tracking our progress so had no idea where we were. I’m so glad I started.

    • Derek C. Olsen


      Way to go. You rock.

      How much debt have you paid off recently?
      Are you almost finished?


      P.S. Sorry I just now saw your comment, I didn’t have notifications on but I’m going to fix that as soon as I figure it out (aka: Carrie does it for me!)

      • Heather Mentzer

        We’re tracking debt and net worth. Our debt was 47,500 in February and is now down to 26,500 at the end of July. 21,000 down in 6 months! Yah! You and Carrie make a great pair, looking forward to the next “cast”.