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It’s not enough just to notice, you need to tell your spouse you appreciate the things they take care of.

Giving and receiving recognition breathes life into a relationship. It’s nice to be recognized and feel appreciated.

Appreciating even small things can have really big positive impact on a relationship!

You might be the only person in your spouse’s life who gives affirming compliments. They might have a thankless job with a crappy boss.

Is it okay to ask for your partner to notice and say something about things you to. Your partner might notice the things you do but forget to tell you how much they appreciate it. Don’t assume they know how to serve and love you. Help them be able to love and support you by letting them know how they can do so. Your partner might not realize that you want to be recognized, even for a small tasks.

How do you let your partner know you appreciate them? And, if you need more recognition from your partner, how would you bring that up to him or her?

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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  • Camilla

    Thanks for the shout out! Happy to tell others about your great book :)