Help Each Other Win – 047

Marriage tips derek and carrie money and marriage

Helping your spouse win should be a top priority.

Carrie and I are a team in our marriage.

We support each other in many ways.

Just as much as I want to be successful in life, I want Carrie to be successful also.

We help each other win with our words and our actions.

Helping each other win with words can be as simple as listening to each other and speaking words of support and encouragement to each other.

Our actions help each other win too. Carrie and I set each other up to win all the time by helping each other achieve goals.

Helping each other win has lots of benefits for our marriage

We each feel supported by the other.

We enjoy seeing the other win.

We love each other and desire to see the other be happy.

How do you help each other win?

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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