January 2015 Olsen Monthly Budget

The numbers first (I know that’s the part you are here for)

Juicy commentary below

Month Jan 2015 (Budget) Dec 2014 (re-cap)
Income 4,640  7,186
Church giving 200 200
Giving 0 0
Gifts 20 204
Rent 950 950
Gas bill 140 39
Electric bill 40 25
Water bill 50 29
Amazon 0 0
Cell phone 220 255
Grocery cash 153
Restaurant cash 27
Cash withdrawal 540 650
Car tag / title / tax 600 0
Car gas / oil 300 342
Car (Geico) 0 602
Car repair 200 316
life insurance 58 57
Student loans 354 254
Taxes 0 323
Household 60 23
Health 50 22
Health Insurance 450 454
Medical 40 0
Baby CASH 0
Cosmetics 0 0
Clothes 0 0
Entertainment 60 43
Vacation 0 86
Education 0 0
Anymeeting 18 18
Wifi Hotspot 20 0
Business 30 0
ID Guard 18 0
flex jobs / casting networks 0 25
ATT Internet Raytown 43 43
Unexpected 179 139
TOTAL 4,640 5,279
Income – Spending 0 +1,907

The Good

We made (what we consider) a ton of money in December 2014. It was a helpful start to our transition into full-time, grown-up, big-boy, real-deal, entrepreneurship.

Were did all that money come from? Two places:

1. A bit of unexpected good luck: The company that Carrie left in November gave her a end of year bonus! We were not expecting this. Carrie quit in November and bonus checks are traditionally only for current full-time employees. Just more proof that the company was and is a great place to work, thanks! Opening the mail that day was fun to say the least. We were shocked.

2. Hustle: Carrie’s voice over business continues to grow. We are still pinching ourselves everyday to make sure it’s all real. Carrie continues to get hired and is bringing in enough money for us to make it each month.

Please note that all the money Carrie earns doing VO is held in a separate bank account. She pays for business expenses from that account and then we pay ourselves each month. We might start posting all of our business income and expenses later this year if we find the time. Is that something you would want to see?

Also please note that after years of money magically showing up twice a month, remembering to pay yourself is important. haha! It’s an odd thing to be the one who pays you.

The Struggle

The struggle is real my friends.

Full-time, real-deal, big-boy, entrepreneurship is no joke!

Carrie freaked out for a couple weeks in December. The pressure to get hired, perform, and earn thousands a month as a professional voice over actress is intense.

There is a different kind of pressure involved here that isn’t there when all you have to do is “show up” to a job and get paid.

Any entrepreneur who works for them self knows what I’m talking about. Not knowing what next week will bring is scary. Leaving the reliability, predictability, and stability of the corporate world can have a huge impact on your nervous system.

We have to get comfortable with the idea that there is no safety net anymore. If and when we fall, we will get hurt. You just have to put that out of your mind or it will cause you to slip. Just focus on not needing to wish you had a safety net and you won’t need to wish you had one. Make sense?

We are also paying for our own health insurance. Something I was terrified of for a long time. But we jumped through the hoops and made it happen.

The Future

The future is bright, my friends!

Just making it through the first two months of full-time, real-deal, big-boy, entrepreneurship has been scary, thrilling, and encouraging!

The fact that we are still alive, sane, and making it financially fills me with energy. More than energy, it fills me with life!

Carrie and I have been working towards this for almost four years. FOUR! YEARS! Yes, the struggle is real, but it’s worth it.

2015 is going to be a great year. Lots of changes, learning, work, fun, and growing.

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Our book is available for pre-order now. (Print) (Kindle)

Once that bad-boy is finished cooking we should see a decent increase in revenue from derek&carrie.com

I am really looking forward to an additional stream of passive income.

Oh, also, we are planning a HUGE change in our entire lifestyle/living situation. (AKA “The Big Event” for those who listen to our podcast)

This change will drastically affect our financial situation.

Big announcement in Feb 2015, stay tuned. (No, it’s not a baby!)

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie


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