Life Plan Goal Thingy 039

We have goals for our life together.

We have plans in place that allows us to move in the direction of our goals.

Recently we took a huge step in the right direction. It was both exciting and terrifying to take that step.

For years we have been using our life-plan-goal-thingy to help guide us. The plan works kind of like a decision filter. There are four components to the plan:

  1. Flexible working location
  2. Flexible hours, work days, and vacation time
  3. Unlimited earning potential (Which includes the very real potential that we might not earn anything!)
  4. Multiple streams of passive and active income

Carrie recently started her own voice over actor business. It was kind of random the way she learned about the VO industry and decided to try it out. She started auditioning for parts and was almost immediately successful! Within just 3 months she replaced her salary at her day job and quit. She is now a full time voice actor. We are still a little shocked by how it all came about.

That might sound amazing and full of nothing but flowers, sunshine, and margaritas. But the reality that it is totally up to her to bring in work and earn a paycheck is sometimes terrifying. Without the guarantee of a job and a paycheck in the corporate world, our new reality is shaky at best.

This entrepreneurial lifestyle is what we signed up for, so we have to take the terror that comes along with that choice. Yesterday was the first full day completely on our own. It was an emotional day, not the paradise that working for yourself is so often made out to be.

We have a plan and as long as we stick to it we will be alright.

Do you have a life-plan-goal-thingy?

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie.


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  • J. Money

    So proud of you Carrie!! You always have an open spot in our Side Hustle Series if interested later – I’m sure my audience would eat that info right up… And, honestly, the hell to them – I want to learn myself! Haha…

    • Derek C. Olsen


      We have a little something brewing for you and your sexy hustlers.

      Stay tuned! We should have it to you within the next week.


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