Modern Day Pioneering ~ from Carrie

Derek and Carrie One Bed One Bank Account

When I was a little girl, I loved reading books and watching movies about families who worked farms or traveled in covered wagons. There is something just so honest about getting up in the morning and having to do real physical work so that your family can make it another day. I’m self-employed and I work from home, and there are things I have to do to make a living. But if I ever wanted to, say, just stay in bed and watch Netflix for a few hours before answering work emails, no one would ever know. When I decide that the dishes can wait until morning, nothing really happens. And that sounds like a luxury — to be able to decide whether or not you want to give 100 percent to specific tasks on certain days. But since I’ve been on this road trip, I think I’ve discovered that I operate better when the stakes on my to-do list are higher.

So far, we have stayed at four different RV parks. Each time we leave for a new city, there’s a number of very specific chores that have to be done to pack up our trailer. It took us a few tries for me and Derek to get it down. But we’re pretty efficient at it now. He handles everything outside the trailer: dumping tanks, unhooking water and electricity, removing stabilizing jacks, hitching up the car, and I’m sure a ton of other things I have no idea how to do. I handle everything inside the trailer: packing everything away so nothing gets broken while on the road, treating the water in the sink and bathroom, cleaning, and keeping Amelie from undoing everything I’ve just done. When we set up at a site, it’s a similar situation. He gets everything ready to go outside, and I unpack and get dinner ready. And though you could argue that the things I have to do when I’m at home and not traveling are just as necessary, I feel like the work I’m doing while traveling is more meaningful. At home, I approached each day’s work dragging my feet, just wanting to be done. But I oddly enjoy my “pioneering” tasks.

I don’t know what all that means. But even though I know my work matters no matter where I am, it feels good to be doing work that makes me feel like it matters.

That’s all. Just my random thoughts for the day :)