Should do, Could do, Did do… (With my Money) 45

what should I do with my money?

There is plenty of advice out there for what you ‘should’ do with your money.

But personal finance is just that, personal. So, how can someone else tell you what you should do with your money?

In a way, we all come up with our own ‘should do’ based on our own personal goals.

What we should do is different from what we could do…

‘Could’ describes all the possibilities, all the potential choices we could make. What you could do with your money is different from what you ‘should’ do.

What you ‘did’ do is different still.

Even if you know what you should do and know what you could do (whats possible) what you actually do could be different still!

When you work a monthly budget and then do a recap at the end of the month, comparing what you planned on doing (your budget) with what you actually did can uncover some valuable information. You can make adjustments to your budget going forward based on the differences.

The relationship between what you should do, could do and did do with your money holds a lot of valuable information. Like looking at a sculpture from all angles, you get a more clear picture of the work when you walk all the way around.

How about you?

Is there a difference between what you should do, could do, and did do with you money? What can we learn about money from this thought process?

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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