No More Worky Fund 030

Saving is boring, admit it!

We need to spice it up.

Doing something as simple as naming each savings fund can help a great deal.

Each dollar you save is for a specific thing. (Car, Clothes, Insurance, Vacation, whatever…)

Giving each savings category a real name makes it real, emotional, and fun.

Here’s a few examples, yay!

  1. No more worky – fund
  2. Workin on my tan – fund
  3. Giant wooden box – fund
  4. No more stress – fund
  5. No more worry – fund
  6. No more guessing – fund
  7. Fun – Fund!
  8. Cruisin’ in style – fund
  9. Steve Jobs – fund

See how saving money is all of a sudden the most bad ass thing?

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie.

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