Nov 2014 budget with Oct recap Olsen Monthly Budget

Just a married couple sharing our monthly budget with the world.

Heading in the right direction this month…

Heres the numbers, explanation below.

Nov Budget Oct Recap Difference
Income Total 4,000 3,277 -723
Church giving 200 232 -32
Giving 0 0
Gifts 0 0
Rent 950 950 0
Gas bill 60 34 26
Electric bill 30 21 9
Water bill 40 31 9
Google fiber 0 0
Amazon 40 55 -15
Cell phone 125 118 7
Grocery 400 398 2
Restaurant 100 71 29
Cash withdrawal 200 0 200
Car tag / title / tax 0 0
Car gas / oil 600 316 284
Car (Geico) 0 0 0
Car repair 80 435 -355
life insurance 57 57 0
Student loans 254 254 0
Taxes 7 -7
Household 20 14 6
Health 20 22 -2
Medical 20 17 3
Baby 20 14 6
Cosmetics 0 0
Clothes 60 0 60
Entertainment 40 24 16
Vacation 100 0 100
Education 25 -25
Anymeeting 18 18 0
Wifi Hotspot 20 20 0
Business 20 39 -19
ID Guard 25 50 -25
Google Voice 57 -57
Carrie VO 259 -259
Audible 21 -21
ATT Internet Raytown 43 43 0
Other 200 0 200
TOTAL 3,742 3,602 140
Income – Spending 258 -325 -583

The Good: 

November was the first month we started drawing an income from Carrie’s Voiceover Actor business. She earned $10,000 in two months!

We are still shocked by how successful she has become so quickly. She has been hired by REI, Taco Bell, Bank of America as well as several other smaller companies. I’m so incredibly proud of her. She is pretty much ruling her new business right now. (We will be talking about her new business in an upcoming episode of our podcast.)

So, Carrie quit her full-time job! (Sort of) She is going to continue consulting for them on an ongoing part time basis.

No more commute!!!

No more m-f 9-5!!

No more 2-weeks of vacation a year!!

No more 4% raise and capped income potential!!

While we will still have a steady flow of income from consulting, it won’t be as much as it used to be when she worked full time. However, Carrie was already earning more from her voiceover business as she was at work, so we should actually come out ahead. Without a commute and only working part time, she will have even more time to audition for jobs and grow her VO business. Her income earning potential as a voice actor is much higher than it was while at the mercy of a corporate pay-scale and tied down to annual pay raises.

The savings from gasoline alone will be around $200/mo. We also plan to sell a car and go back to being a one-car family for a while. That will save us some more money too.

The Struggle:

It was really difficult for us to make the decision to have Carrie quit her job. Her job, the company, and the people she worked with were all awesome. We were always very thankful for her job. It was, in a lot of ways, a perfect job. Leaving behind something so good sounds crazy. However, a traditional job does not support our goals as a family.

I am a firm believer that in order to reach out for something great you have to be willing to let go of something good.

One of the biggest changes in our financial life will be in the area of health care. We lost all of our benefits. We will be purchasing our own health insurance from here forward. I was pretty scared about this at first. But I’ve had a lot of reassuring conversations with people who have been purchasing their own health insurance for years. The Derek from 5 years ago would have had a panic attack worrying about this. But I feel like we can handle it now both emotionally and financially.

The Future:

It’s exciting, thrilling, and a little scary knowing that we are fully responsible for producing our own income. (Depending on how you want to count the consulting, we are 100% self sufficient income-wise now.)

The Derek from 5 years ago would have had another panic attack in this situation. Today I am much more comfortable with the idea of being fully responsible for producing our own income without the help of a “job”.

It is incredibly exciting knowing that our income potential is in our hands and limited only by our ability to work hard and add value to the world.

Our goal for 2015 is to earn 100k. We also want to pay off the remaining 8k in student loan debt.

(Enjoy the typos and amazing grammar, I don’t have time for that crap!)

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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