October 2014 Monthly Budget / Sept Recap

Worst. Month. Ever.

But good news is right around the corner.

Here’s the numbers, discussion (and good news) below.

Oct Budget Sept recap
Income Total 4,000 2,600
Church giving 200 280
Giving 0 0
Gifts 0 0
Rent 980 0
Gas bill 50 35
Electric bill 50 0
Water bill 40 0
Google fiber 28 27
Direct TV 0 0
Cell phone 120 68
Grocery 500 568
Restaurant 120 230
Cash withdrawal 300 635
Car tag / title / tax 0 0
Car gas / oil 400 416
Car (Geico) 0 0
Car repair 600 953
life insurance 57 57
Student loans 254 254
Taxes 0 0
Household 60 84
Health 30 22
Medical 50 27
Baby 0 0
Cosmetics 0 0
Clothes 0 0
Entertainment 40 49
Vacation 40 332
Education 0 0
Anymeeting 18 18
Wifi Hotspot 20 20
Business 0 0
ID Guard 25 25
TOTAL 3,982 4,100
Income – Spending 18 -1,500

Our car had three different major repairs in Sept. New clutch, starter stuff (not sure what it was exactly) and something else that I can’t even remember. It was about $1300 total ($900 in Sept and another $400 that came out of our account in Oct).

This car was given to us (like, for free) about three years ago. We have done less than $3,000 worth or repairs to the car the entire time we have owned it. So, I try not to get too upset when something like this happens. Seriously, a free car, and only $3,000 in repairs in three years? I’LL TAKE THAT ANYDAY! We only need the car to last another few months and then we are going to go back to being a one car family again.

We started paying rent again. LOOOOONG story. We were renting a house, a tree fell on it, our landlord let us stay in one of her furnished apartments for free while the repairs were being made, the repairs have taken TWELVE MONTHS!!!! (In fact, Oct 21st was the day we moved out, one year and one day ago.) Anyway, because the repairs are taking so long, we started paying rent again. We got 9 months of free rent, so I can’t complain much. Like I said, it’s a very long story, this is the short version.

The So-So:

We dropped Carrie’s 401k contribution from 10% to zero. We need the cash right now. We will return to investing just as soon as we get some other things straightened out. This increased her take home pay from $2618 to $2936.

One thing I wish we had done is focused on paying off the student loans. I can’t stand having those things around. They bug the hell out of me. We own $8,757 and I just want it GONE.

The good:

Amazing news is brewing!

Carrie started building a voiceover actor┬ábusiness and it’s going AMAZINGLY WELL.

How well? From the day she sent in her first audition to today (just six weeks later) she has earned $6,150!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It turns out she is really good at this stuff.

We will be able to start drawing an income from her VO work in September.

Also, we had a Craigslist sale in Oct and we made $750!

Ups and downs. It’s crazy out there.

How are you doing?

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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