I don’t know about you….

But I want that money! And I’m gonna get that money. (For all the right reasons.)

I believe that some good things might happen by accident.

I believe that a lot of great things will happen with a plan.

It has been said that you will hit what you are aiming for 90% of the time.

What are you aiming for?


onemilliondollarsgif 2


Here’s the plan…

  1. Budget, every month.
  2. Stick to the budget.
  3. Work like a crazy man to build up this business.
  4. Step #3 includes cashing in $11,500 in retirement savings to fund the business. So, step #4 would be titled, “Invest in our business.”
  5. Write books and sell them by the gross!
  6. Book several paid speaking gigs each year.
  7. Continue to invest 10% of Carrie’s income in company 401k. UPDATE: Carrie quit her job and now works for herself as a professional voice over actress.
  8. Save money.
  9. Save more money.
  10. Invest money. (Vanguard!)
  11. Invest more money. (More Vanguard!)
  12. No Touchy!
  13. Pay off remaining student loan debt. ($8,090 as of Feb 2015 as noted on our net worth tracker.)
  14. Continue to pay cash for cars.
  15. Join The Lending Club as soon as we are eligible.
  16. Stay physically healthy to avoid medical care costs.
  17. Cancel DIRECTV

That is the plan, for now.

Follow us on our journey as our net worth races (slowly) towards $1,000,000.


million_dollar_club_seal_M 2

What’s your plan? What are you aiming for?

Join the million dollar club with my dad, J.Money. (He’s not my dad, that is an inside joke.)

See you at the next club meeting. I don’t think they actually have meetings, but they should.