We have a problem, we need to solve it.

A friend of mine once said…

“There are problems you solve in life and there are problems you manage.”

We were talking about money and how the duty of managing money never ends.

I then equated money management to mowing the yard or getting a hair cut. Just because it grows back, or the “problem” returns, doesn’t mean you screwed up. The recurring characteristic of such things doesn’t signify that you have failed in your duty.

Could you imagine getting frustrated every time you had to take another breath of air?

But I JUST TOOK a breath of air! What did I do wrong? I must be a failure. 

money is a problem

If I had a dime for every pound of anxious weight lifted from worried shoulders when making this comparison.

Some people treat money like a problem to be solved. Yet each month, the problem returns, un-solved. With this mindset, it is no wonder some get frustrated and feel like a failure. What’s the point, just let the weeds take over.

The real problem is, this isn’t a problem.

Money isn’t a problem that we are supposed to solve once and for all and move on to other things.

Money is an ongoing opportunity to do our best, this month and the next.

Breathe easy my friends.