One Bed, One Bank Account

Having Better Conversations on Money Will Strengthen Your Marriage

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One Bed One Bank Account Derek and Carrie Olsen
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One Bed One Bank Account Derek and Carrie Olsen

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Other books on finance obsess over adding and subtracting, but the most important asset has been overlooked:

How to have encouraging, worthwhile conversations about money.

One Bed, One Bank Account delivers hope to married and engaged couples by offering an enjoyable framework for improving financial communication.

Whether you’re just starting out, in the middle of a financial crisis, or doing well, this book delivers a surprising and encouraging truth:

Having better conversations on money will strengthen your marriage.


One Bed, One Bank Account will increase the rate of return in both your relationship and your bank account!

Dan & Joanne Miller,


jeff goins

I wish I would have read this book before I got married. Every couple needs to learn the art of talking about money, and Derek and Carrie offer a fresh perspective that the world needs. Get this book!

Jeff Goins, Author, The Art of Work


In 2011 money problems almost ended my marriage. I wish I had Derek and Carrie’s book back then, it would have helped us work through one of the hardest parts of marriage. Money, and money communication is important, so get this book and start having better conversations about money! Kimanzi Constable, Best-selling author of Are You Living or Existing? Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine contributor.


Derek and Carrie’s approach on the topic of money and marriage is refreshingly different. An inspiring read for couples! -Farnoosh Torabi, Author When She Makes More: Ten Rules for Breadwinning Women  


There is NOTHING sexier than rockin’ a budget with your partner, except for maybe doing it naked. Let Derek & Carrie encourage and inspire you with One Bed, One Bank Account. Your wallet(s) will thank you! J.Money,


One Bed, One Bank Account can help turn a terrible financial situation into something awesome. Easy to follow with simple action steps. ​Your marriage will benefit greatly and your bank account will too.Nick Pavlidis, 


When it comes to encouraging couples to get on the same page financially, I can’t think of better role models than Derek and Carrie. Their approach to getting couples to have those “money talks” is incredibly effective and non-threatening. They have so many insights to share through their own experiences – both marital and financial.

Mark and Lauren,


Derek & Carrie are changing the money and marriage game with One Bed, One Bank Account. A great message that all couples need to hear.

Jeff and Mandy Rose,

kent julian

Derek and Carrie know what they are talking about when it comes to both finances and life!Kent Julian


25 years of marriage, we have certainly had our ‘discussions’ about money. I can’t think of a more important topic than helping couples approach the “black hole” subject of money. I’m also at a loss to think of a better couple to put pen to paper, Derek and Carrie are the real thing: genuine, compassionate, and from the heart people. They’ve already helped thousands of people through their podcast, I can’t wait to see the far-reaching impact of this book.

Erik & Rachel Hemingway,


Derek and Carrie take a practical, funny, real-life approach to fixing your budgeting woes once and for all.Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists


I recommend Derek and Carrie to anyone looking to get a better grip on their financial situation.Ted Gonder, Money Think

justin_trisha davis

Derek and Carrie speak into an area of marriage that many struggle with…money. This isn’t a “how-to book” as much as it is an “us too” book. Learn from their experience; be inspired by their story and be equipped by their wisdom.Justin Davis, Author of Beyond Ordinary / RefineUs Ministries

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