Replace Worry With Action 058


Worried about money? (Or anything else in your life)

Replace worry with action!

Join Carrie and I (and Amelie) as we take a walk on the beach in San Diego.

Are we coming to your city on our book tour?

Have a listen as Carrie and I solve the worlds finance problems once and for all!

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie

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  • Shannon

    Love hearing how you guys are figuring it all out! Yes it will all be OK.

    I am a worrier, rather – I think I get overwhelmed easily with so much stuff/tasks/things I have to do (probably rightfully so) then I look really worried. Trying to work on that and cutting out some things. I mind always seems to be looking towards the next task at hand, rather than really enjoying “in the now.” Even when I’m on a vacation, my thoughts are on to the next vacation I will plan! I call it “the attention span of a gnat.”

    • Derek C. Olsen

      Yes. Boom. This.

      I really need to work on enjoying the now rather than just running around making sure the world won’t fall apart in the near and distant future.