Speak Your Goals Into The Universe 042

derek and carrie

Sharing your goals publicly can be there very reason you are successful.

Carrie and I discuss four reasons why sharing your goals with others can help you achieve them.

  1. Accountability – People can ask you how its going and even offer help. It feels good knowing people care.
  2. They become “real” – Speaking your goals into the universe helps make them feel more real.
  3. Help and Connections – When we started talking about our book people started reaching out to help us spread the word.
  4. Share an experience with someone. – We aren’t meant to live life alone. You could inspire someone else and not even know it by sharing your goals and your journey.

Sharing goals for some people might be a little intimidating which is totally understandable. You might be embarrassed if you fail to reach your goal. People might be discouraging and try to talk you out of reaching your goals. We suggest carefully selecting only positive and supportive people to share goals with.

Share your goals with us!!! Let us be your support and encouragement.

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie.

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