The $100,000 Question Ep. #23

Talking about money within a marriage can be stressful. But it can be easier with a little help. Carrie and I wrote a little e-book that will get the conversation started. It’s called 4 1/2 Conversation Starters and it’s free, amazing, and short enough to read on your lunch break. Just drop your email in here and the ebook will be delivered to your inbox.

In this episode, we take a few of the questions from the ebook and answer them ourselves.

The fourth section of the e-book is titled The One Hundred Thousand Dollar Question. Join us as we answer the question from section three. When you want to get better at something, you practice. So why not practice spending money? Example of practicing making healthy eating choices. Q1: How would you spend $100,000? Break this down together. It might look like this…

  • $8,000 – pay off debt
  • $10,000 – emergency fund
  • $6,000 – church, charity, or help out a friend
  • $14,000 – new (pre-owned!) car
  • $4,000 – vacation
  • $20,000 – mutual fund retirement account
  • $20,000 – down payment on a house
  • $8,000 – misc (computer, clothes, childcare)

Q2. Why is it important to have a plan for your money before you actually get it?

Q3. Do we agree on how to spend the fake money? If so, celebrate that. If there are disagreements, practice settling those now so that you are better able to agree on how to spend the real $100,000 that is coming your way.

What can we learn from this pretend conversation? Join us for the rest of the series as we continue to explore the other sections of 4 1/2 Conversation Starters.

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