The valley of the shadow of debt.

Taking care of yourself financially is something I deeply believe in.

I see fear, worry, anxiety, and broken relationships on a daily basis caused by debt and poorly managed money.

If you are in good shape, awesome. However, too many people are struggling.

Some keep their struggles to themselves for various reasons. Keeping your financial struggles to yourself can be lonely and scary.

I just got off the phone with someone who reached out to me. He slipped into the valley of the shadow of debt.

Five credit cards that are getting hard to juggle. In fact, two of them just hit the ground.

He was asking about consolidation. He could not answer the most basic questions about his credit cards. (Balance, interest rate, minimums, how far behind.)

Together we are going to collect and organize the information, create a plan, and take action. FULL THROTTLE. And no, it won’t include consolidation.

Are your credit cards starting to slip out of your hands?

Honestly, I am not looking forward to your email(for your sake, not mine). I am however looking forward to seeing you create a plan and kick butt.

Oh and don’t forget, we could just avoid slipping altogether.

Do you have a plan for paying off your credit card debt? Let us know about it in the comments below.

(I hate your credit cards.)