Where’s My Debt Free Party? 033

shocked lizard

Were debt free!!!

What an awesome feeling.

(Well, we aren’t debt free yet….  …soon, very soon.)


Working hard and climbing your way out of debt is trucking awesome!

Lots of people who become debt free celebrate in some way. Perhaps a Facebook post or a debt free scream. Awesome, love it, we are celebrating with you.

But what about the people who worked just as hard to avoid debt all together?

Where’s the debt free party for everyone who never went into debt to begin with?

Unfortunately, their isn’t much of a party to celebrate avoiding debt.

Carrie and I think we should celebrate avoiding debt just as much as we celebrate climbing out of debt.

If you worked hard to avoid debt, we are celebrating with you.

This is your party.

-Derek, Carrie, Amelie.

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  • http://rockstarfinance.com J. Money

    I’ll bring the spirits! And the drinks.

    • http://www.derekandcarrie.com/ Derek C. Olsen

      I see what you did there. And I believe it! And I’ve seen it with my own two eyes!

  • http://jwfinancialcoaching.com/ Jon White

    Thanks for sharing this message Derek and Carrie. I feel like a lot of us who never got into any debt in the first place almost feel shameful or embarrassed that they don’t have an exciting getting out off debt story. But I think as they go along they realize that getting out of debt isn’t the real party, it’s just the beginning. Rather the real party is being able to bless others financially, watching your bank account grow, and doing the things with money each month that YOU want to and not what your creditors want you to do.

    • http://www.derekandcarrie.com/ Derek C. Olsen


      First, GREAT to hear from you. It’s been too long.

      You are right, becoming debt free is really just the beginning. It’s like celebrating getting to the starting line. (Don’t misunderstand, becoming debt free is great, deserves celebration, and takes a lot of hard work.)

      Becoming debt free is the first of many financial accomplishments, it’s not the ONLY thing we should be celebrating.

      It’s interesting how becoming debt free has become the standard benchmark for financial-success-celebration. There is very little celebrating when it comes to any other financial accomplishment.