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  • C.R.P

    Good for you, Derek!! I think people who will judge you for how “much”/how “little” you earn, spend, etc… are just out to judge others. That is not our place… :) Off to take a peek at your budget as i’m all about the numbers! lol!!

    • Derek C. Olsen


      So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. And more important, Carrie and I feel good about everything. It has been surprisingly liberating.

      • C.R.P

        Awesome!! :) Like I said, if you’re sitting on welfare, and buying new designer leather bags, shoes, and a new iPhone every time a new one comes out, most understand how “real life” works and don’t judge too harshly. 😉 lol!


    There is a time when having two bank accounts works. My husband pays the non-automatic monthly bills like food, some utilities, taxes, gas, etc. So i have him use his account with a specific amount of money for specific purposes. This way we are each responsible for our part of the budget, He doesn’t worry about my part and I don’t worry about his part. So far it is working.

    • Derek C. Olsen


      Thanks for your comment.

      I don’t disagree with your way of splitting the financial responsibilities. It sounds like it is working very well for you guys. It seems like your method of having two bank accounts and defined duties is your way of working together as a team. That’s awesome.

      What I really meant by the ‘one bank account’ comment was more of a mentality rather than literally having one (or two) bank account(s). The thing to avoid is an attitude of, “This is mine and that is yours, don’t ask, don’t tell, good luck.”

      Maybe it’s more of a “one bank account mentality” approach. A “we are in this together” plan.

      Thanks for stopping by, see you around.


  • ATerribleHusband

    Awesome post! My wife and I always feel better after a good money-talk. No matter if it’s a positive or negative money issue, both getting together and hammering out a plan together is very rewarding.

    • Derek C. Olsen

      Interesting, I like it. “No matter if it’s a positive or negative money issue”

      It is true that not all money issues will be “positive”. Even talking about the negative stuff can feel really good.

      You can’t go on forever avoiding the negative stuff. Dealing with the negative head on can turn that negative into a positive.

      Thanks for the wise words or wisdom, Terrible Husband. 😉


  • Marie Mertilus

    Great job. You are on the same page. Many couples are in the same house but they are living separate lives because they cannot get on the same page financially. I applaud your openness. Keep the good work. By the way, congratulation on the baby. If you plan, the cost of baby items will not be outrageous.

    • Derek C. Olsen


      Thank you so much! The baby already rules our house and he/she isn’t even here yet. 😉 We are already receiving so much baby stuff from family and friends, it’s crazy, we are very lucky.

      Financially speaking, some couples have a ‘roommate mentality’.
      No thanks, that isn’t for us.


  • Tanner

    THANK you for posting something like this. The main reason I haven’t made a point about posting my whole budget is because how people are in regards to how “little” I make (a bit over $1.8k a month), or how much I give to my parents compared to, say, my food budget. You don’t know how many posts I’ve started (and finished) but never published and ended deleting because I preferred not to deal with the harsh comments over something like my own finances in bulk. I’ve always been concerned to post it all out, but I think I’ll start doing that this year! Might be equally as boring, but that’s what I’ve wanted to do but haven’t because I’ve been afraid of what strangers think. Funny, eh? Once again, THANKS!

    • Derek C. Olsen


      Carrie and I thought and prayed about posting our budget for over a year.

      A year ago, the time just wasn’t right. I think we had to explore our true intentions a little more before we felt good about posting. We didn’t want to post just to post. We wanted to be able to back it up with reasons (our reasons).

      One of the results of posting our budget so far has been an increase in commitment to walking the walk. Our financial and non-financial lives have been tested. We haven’t passed all the tests, but we have grown. Growth and accountability are two of the many reasons (results) why we decided to start posting. Those are inward facing goals, for us.

      Outward facing goals (for our readers) can be found in the blog post above.

      Thanks for stopping by Tanner!
      Good luck with your decision.


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  • save. spend. splurge.

    I like that you’re going to post your net worth especially with your real names and faces! O_O

    We keep separate bank accounts as well. Everything I post is just my money, I don’t include anything in his net worth but it is safe to assume he is on the same page as I am for saving.

    Even though we keep everything separate, we have joint expenses which he and I pay for and then bill / invoice each other at the end of the month as required. It sounds very clinical and not very romantic but it helps us both keep track of where we spend our money and how much we spend. If something goes awry, we have a little chat … like.. “WHY are groceries at $600 a month!?”

    Good luck with your net worth growth.

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  • Holly Johnson

    We post our monthly budget too. What can I say? I love awkward moments!

    • Derek C. Olsen

      Dude, that’s, like…. Totally Awkward! 😉

  • Tawcan

    Really neat that you’re sharing your monthly budget and net worth with us. I haven’t shared such information on my blog and don’t plan to. Would like to keep my anonymity but I can definitely see how posting monthly budget/spending and net worth would keep you on track and focused on the end goal.

    It’s important that you and the Mrs. are on the same page. This is something I work very hard with my wife. :)