Why my wife and I combine our money…

Because we are married.









(No, nothing is missing from this blog post, that’s it.)

money and marriage derek and carrie
  • http://survivethevalley.com/ Survive The Valley

    Love it! And agree =)

    • Derek C. Olsen


      Sometimes, you just gotta get straight to the point.

  • Derek C. Olsen

    I think maybe I will publish this into a book, a one page book.

    Anyone know any publishers to pitch the idea to?

  • Mick Lathrop

    So true. That’s why we did it. We even combined accounts about 3 months before we go married. That way we wouldn’t be trying to figure out how to live with someone and how to combine money at the same time. The first two months of that was rough, but good :)

  • http://happierhusband.com Troy Stoneking

    This may be the best blog post ever! :-)

    • http://www.derekandcarrie.com/ Derek C. Olsen

      haha. I agree. It’s my favorite, does that count?

  • Holly Johnson

    Same here! =)

  • Holly Johnson

    Same here! =)