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Having better conversations on money can strengthen your marriage.

We Need To Talk: Better Conversations Podcast with Derek and Carrie Olsen Ep. 001

The conversations you have with your partner about money will help determine the quality of your marriage.

As a married couple, you will eventually find yourself in a place that you may or may not want to be (financially speaking). You are helping each other move towards that place, good or bad, based on the conversations you have about money.

You are most likely the most powerful influencer on your partner.

Carrie and I believe that financial communication within a marriage is THE MOST IMPORTANT determining factor for the financial outcome of your relationship.

Every married couple will need to figure out the money thing at some point in time. You will either be forced to by an un-welcomed and un-wanted event, or you will chose to take charge early.

Figuring it out together is the only way to achieve true success. Walking down the financial path separately and alone won’t help the two of you get on the same page. Working together is the only way to arrive at the same, agreed upon destination.

You will both end up in the same place financially, it is impossible not to. Choosing that place ahead of time, together, is only way to enjoy it once you arrive.

Carrie and I were forced to figure out the financial aspect of marriage early. We narrowly avoided a foreclosure on our house. The process almost ruined us financially. But as a result of working together, our relationship is now better than it would have been otherwise.

Encourage each other along the way.